Real Results

"What separates Casey from most trainers is that he lives what he instructs.
The training, the diet, the attention to detail, it shows in his personal results and it shows in my results. No BS, just real actions and real results."

— Pat Lafferty, Chief Operating Officer, McCann Erickson, New York, NY

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Experience and Philosophy

As members of the fitness industry for more than 8 years, our clientele has included attorneys, corporate executives, investment bankers, fitness competitors, dancers, models, actors, musicians, runners, doctors, and many more. So, no matter what your profession–or what your fitness and nutritional goals-We have the experience, expertise, and technical ability to support you to meet and exceed those goals.

Key to our success is that we love what we do and we walk our talk, so we understand the balance required between fitness goals and life commitments; We genuinely enjoy creating specifically tailored workout routines and nutrition programs that fold easily into each client’s unique lifestyle, fitness level, nutritional needs, and evolving goals. We believe exercise and nutrition are a life choice; in order to create-and sustain-your body’s optimal fitness level, your workout and nutritional program needs to be personal, realistic, inspiring, and tailored to your needs, goals, and specific life circumstances

There is no “one size fits all” program when you work with us, we work in partnership to create the optimal-and personalized-combination of fitness training, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle modifications that will provide you with a training experience that supports you, your life, your goals, and the transformation of your relationship to your beautiful body.


Training with Casey has transformed my body! Casey has helped me gain definition in my back and lose inches around my waist.
My goals were to get toned and lean and we definitely accomplished that while training together. The workouts were fun and exciting and he always pushed me to do things I originally thought I could not do. He is by far the best trainer I have ever worked with.

— Danielle Petersel M.D. Pfizer

Your Assessment

At your initial visit we will do a detailed, personal assessment, including:

  • body fat composition
  • cardio-respiratory ability
  • flexibility
  • muscular endurance
  • muscular strength
  • an extensive assessment of your macro-nutritional intake

With this information we can customize your workout program and support you to modify your nutritional habits so you can see results quickly and begin building toward your ultimate goals immediately.

Nutritional Counseling

  • Tools that support you to shop for and prepare a nutritional, whole-food based diet.
  • Tips to help you to eat well while traveling, dining out, or on the run.
  • Increased energy and general sense of well-being.
  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and mood swings.
  • Improved skin, sleep, digestion and overall physical, emotional, and mental balance, health, and well-being.
  • Enhanced mental clarity and focus.
  • Improved sex drive.
  • Reduced cravings, especially for sugar and caffeine.
  • Attainment of ideal weight.
  • Fitness program results are maximized when partnered with optimal nutrition.


Body Transformations

  • Look the best you have your entire life.
  • Burn fat, gain lean muscle.
  • Look good and, more importantly, feel good about yourself.

Build that lean sexy body that you have always wanted. It is no matter your age, gender or previous workout history we will help you get in the best shape of your life. Whether it’s getting a ripped six pack, building muscular arms or removing that stubborn inner thigh fat we can help you make it happen. Using nutritional guidelines and our body transformation training programs we can absolutely transform your body from mediocre to head turning. Change your body in a way you never thought possible while training on your own. Get the guidance and support that can make a complete body transformation happen.


Weight Loss and Nutrition

  • Creating a healthy diet plan that fits your lifestyle.
  • Making weight loss goals a reality.
  • Transforming your body into a healthy, confident new you.

Good nutrition is the first step in a weight loss program. It is the backbone of your physical transformation, they body cannot work properly without a healthy diet. We can assess your current "nutritional lifestyle" (daily food and alcohol intake, food allergies, restaurant choices) and weight fluctuations to determine what's holding you back and what dietary modifications will help you transform your body. We'll supplement your workouts with a comprehensive nutritional program to kick start your metabolism. Our goal is to help create a food plan or guidelines to feed muscle and shed fat but also have it fit within your lifestyle. The nutritional program will improve your fitness recovery time, overall energy, your mood and your life.


Strength and Conditioning

  • Improve overall fitness and endurance.
  • Increase core strength and power.
  • Achieve a lean, conditioned physique.

We believe exercise science is the key to unlocking your body's optimal strength and conditioning potential. Under the guidance of the NCSF standards, the foundation is built on a comprehensive evaluation including, age, weight, cardiovascular fitness, joint function and exercise history. Based on your unique profile, a customized program of resistance training, aerobic conditioning, balance and agility/ flexibility-based techniques is strategically integrated. The goal is to increase strength, power and muscle size; develop a lean, well- conditioned physique; and encourage longevity and endurance. Utilizing the most up to date exercise programming techniques and fitness philosophies we will help you achieve a strong and conditioned body at any age.


Sport-specific Training

  • Getting that competitive edge over the rest.
  • Improving performance.
  • Being the best you can be.

Whether it's tuning up for a triathlon or breaking eighty on the links, the key component is having the necessary sport-specific training tools, nutritional guidance and recovery techniques to enhance overall athletic performance. We are committed to taking you to the next level in performance while protecting you from injury. First, we review your previous athletic and conditioning experience. Next, we customize a program based on proven scientific training trends that will boost your peak performance. These programs may include flexibility; cardiovascular, weight and core training; and plyometrics and agility. Sports include, but are not exclusive of: basketball, football, baseball, soccer, skiing, golf, racing, bodybuilding, track & field, martial arts and volleyball.


Youth Training

  • Nurturing a "sports mentality".
  • Preventing child obesity.
  • Give your kids performance edge.

If you're a parent of a youngster between the ages of six and eighteen, you've probably heard the reports: one out of two children don't get the thirty to sixty minutes of daily physical activity they need. The potential results: youth obesity, type 2 diabetes, and sports-related injuries. Based on our extensive experience in developmental fitness and youth exercise science, we implement fitness protocols that take into account your child's physiological and emotional development. Resistance, cardiovascular and flexibility training markedly improves agility, balance, quickness, speed, strength and cored stability. Aspiring athletes gain the right techniques to pursue their passions; passive children become engaged and excited about their potential. The likelihood of injury due to inadequate physical conditioning is significantly reduced. By building these basic components of fitness, your child will master the skills for enhanced sport performance and overall good health.



I have been training with Casey for quite some time now and I am a devoted client. Casey is a consummate professional: extremely knowledgeable about training techniques; willing to tailor the training program to the client’s individual needs; always upbeat and professional in his demeanor; and able to create enough variety to make work-outs interesting. Casey is definitely the best trainer I’ve ever worked with and I am already seeing major benefits from our program.

— Robert Serio, Partner, Gibson Dunn, New York, NY

1 sessions $150

$145 per session for 10 sessions or training twice per week ($1,450).

$135 per session for 25 sessions or training three times per week ($3,375).

$125 per session for 50 sessions or training 4+ times per week ($6,250).

* Prices do not include travel time to outside gyms or apartment locations.

Referral Bonus

Get 1, 2 or 3 free sessions when a friend signs up for a 10, 25 or 50 session package.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for single sessions or packages.

I have worked with many trainers and always found that the males pushed me more and then I found Sarah. She is unlike any other female trainer I have worked with. I've never been allowed to get side tracked while working out with Sarah. She is always checking on my form, my limit, my condition and my meals seriously. Sarah puts me through the most mentally and physically challenging workouts I have ever done by far.

— Ashley M.

I have been an avid gym-user my entire life, but I hit a plateau because I did the same exercises and I lost motivation to push myself harder. With Casey’s expert instruction and enthusiasm, I overcame my plateau and achieved better-than- expected results. Casey pushed me to lift heavier and smarter. His research- driven routines and techniques made every workout a complete physical challenge.

— David S., Lawyer, New York, NY

I have been training with Casey for a long time now. He is TERRIFIC. I can’t tell you enough about how happy I have been with him. I have seen dramatic improvement in my form and fitness since I started training with him. He is always on time and a great professional. He takes it very seriously and isn’t casual like most other trainers.

— Bill Contente, Investment Banker, New York, NY

Casey Dellas

  • Tier 3+ Top Trainer with a premier gym chain in the United States.
  • Graduate of the University of Buffalo with studies that included Exercise Science, Nutrition, and Business.
  • Personal training certifications with NCSF (National Counsel on Strength and Fitness), W.I.T.S. (World Instructor Training School)
  • Nutrition certification with Precision Nutrition.
  • Misc.: Weight training, hockey, golf, martial arts.

There is no “one size fits all” program when you work with us, we work in partnership to create the optimal-and personalized-combination of fitness training, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle modifications that will provide you with a training experience that supports you, your life, your goals, and the transformation of your relationship to your beautiful body.

I have worked out my whole life and had been trying to find my best body weight and body shape before I started training with Sarah. I wanted a bigger upper body and just could not achieve that on my own.

After I started training, Sarah corrected my wrong form and my body started getting bigger. With Sarah’s knowledge and consistency I was able to achieve the mass on my upper body that I had always wanted. I have absolutely no doubt that her training is perfect and I am totally satisfied with the achievement.

— Goki K.

Sarah Walle

  • Personal training certification with NCSF (National Council on Strength and Fitness)
  • Competition coach (figure and bikini)
  • Marathon/Triathlon coaching
  • Misc: Weight Training, Field Hockey, Track, Nutritional counseling

There is no “one size fits all” program when you work with us, we work in partnership to create the optimal-and personalized-combination of fitness training, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle modifications that will provide you with a training experience that supports you, your life, your goals, and the transformation of your relationship to your beautiful body.

After being a high school cross country runner and an NCAA cross country runner in college, I started to wind down because of long hours on Wall Street. I had turned a milestone in my age and did not want to wake up with issues from the daily stress of high performance. Running was not a passion anymore and I felt that it was taking a toll. That being said, I spent a year not really working out. I literally woke up one day and suddenly, unlike in the past, I was unable to bounce back into shape like I used too.
Back just a few years ago, I could take a month or two off and with just a few weeks of hard training, I was back on track. It did not happen this time. Moreover, I was starving myself and skipping meals which meant virtually slowing down my metabolism.
I was always about balance between work, home, and exercise so I went to see Casey Dellas at Equinox. The first day was hard because I was out of shape. Casey helped me to get my confidence back and strength. It was a lot of hard work; but, it has been worth it. He was very patient through some pretty rigorous work outs. We would work hard, hit walls, regroup and then excel to the next levels.
Casey practices what he preaches and while I do not feel that I have to be an Olympic Athlete or the fastest anymore, working out has become fun and a part of my daily routine.
Casey works on balance between cardio, strength training and nutrition. He has become a friend and advocate. I have learned to listen to my body again and find that center of balance again. I am happier as a person and have a lot more energy throughout the day.
That cannot be replaced or taken for granted. I encourage everyone to follow Casey’s path to excellence. He is great teacher and a wonderful personal trainer.

— Amanda McLean, Interactive Brokers, New York, NY


Don't wait for a healthy lifestyle...make it happen!

At your initial visit we will do a detailed, personal assessment, including:

  • body fat composition
  • cardio-respiratory ability
  • flexibility
  • muscular endurance
  • muscular strength
  • an extensive assessment of your macro-nutritional intake

With this information we can customize your workout program and support you to modify your nutritional habits so you can see results quickly and begin building toward your ultimate goals immediately.


Gym and Training Locations

If I come to the trainer’s gym do I have to pay a gym fee in addition to the trainer’s fee?

Yes. Our trainers are independent and do not work exclusively for a gym. Therefore your fee to the trainer is separate from your gym fee, which must be paid directly to the gym.

Do I have to join the trainer’s gym and what are the gym fees?

No, you do not have to join the gym. You can pay a “daily fee” which is usually $15 to $30 each time you come. Often a gym will give you a free guest pass for your first session. If you decide to continue, we can discuss with the gym options on discount daily packages, monthly, quarterly, or yearly memberships. These fees are generally quite modest as compared with high-end health club rates. Rates and fees vary from gym to gym.

I currently belong to a gym. Can a trainer come to my gym to train me?

Yes, if your gym allows private personal trainers. You need to ask your gym if they welcome independent trainers and if so, how much they will charge you for your trainer to come in. Most gyms will charge you to bring in an independent trainer.

Do your trainers travel to boroughs outside Manhattan?

Yes, some of our trainers do travel outside Manhattan, it depends upon their availability to meet your schedule. The fee is usually significantly higher because of the travel time involved.

I want to work out at home, but I don’t have any equipment. Will I be able to accomplish anything?

Yes. While it is always better to have access to quality cardio and resistance equipment, a lot can be done with no equipment. It all depends upon your condition and your fitness goals. Also, available by mail order is a range of excellent home equipment including TRX, resistance bands, dumbbells, kettle bells, and other easily stored and relatively inexpensive, yet effective workout items.

Training Session Payment and Cancellation Policies

When must I make first payment

For the first two weeks, payment is expected before a session can be scheduled. After that, payment can be made at any time up to and including the end of the session. Payment options vary from paying one session at a time, to purchasing session packages.

Do you accept credit cards?

Generally cash, checks or money orders are the accepted methods of payment. You can also pay using PayPal on the website

What if I cancel a session?

Once you have scheduled a session, you must cancel the session more than 24 hours in advance or you are responsible to pay the trainer fully for that session. This cancellation policy is in effect because session hours typically cannot be filled back up when cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

I have worked with close to a dozen trainers over the years, some better than others, but had given up and was training on my own due to the lack of results for the money spent. I had seen Casey training others at the gym and working out himself. The guy clearly knows what he is doing.

— Kevin O’Mara
Partner, Jones Day, New York, NY

What happens if I am late for a session?

The trainer is not obligated to make up time due to a client’s lateness. If a client is more than 1/2 hour late for a scheduled session, that constitutes a late cancellation and the trainer is not obligated to conduct the session. In some cases a trainer may choose to wait and work with you for the remaining time; but this is solely up to the trainer’s discretion. In either case, you will be charged for the full session.

Frequency and Duration of Training Sessions

How many days a week do I need to work out?

This question can only be answered effectively after you have talked with a trainer. It depends upon your current physical and fitness condition, goals, schedule, budget, and your trainer’s availability. You may “need” to work out with a trainer four days a week, but only have the time or budget for two days a week. In such cases, we will work with you to create a program for you that you can do on your own for the days that you cannot work with a trainer. This of course, necessitates your willingness and ability to implement such a program. Typically clients train between 2-5 times per week with a trainer.

I don’t have the discipline to train on my own, but I want to make my fitness a long-term commitment. How long will I work with my trainer?

Some trainer/client relationships extend over many years or even a lifetime. How long you work with a trainer depends upon many factors. Keep in mind, fitness is a lifestyle - not just a single workout - and it is important to keep “raising the bar” on your fitness goals so your body continues to sustain – and increase – its fitness level. Our fitness trainers have the experience and expertise to support you to continue to “raise the bar.”

Achieving Results

I have done everything, but I still can’t lose weight. Is there anything you can do for me?

Losing body fat effectively is the result of a combination of a specific diet and calorie burning plan and an aerobic exercise program carried out consistently for a particular duration of time. We usually find that when you think you are doing “everything,” one or more elements specified above is either not being carried out correctly or is not being integrated into your overall plan. Sometimes people will try a variety of fad diets - one after the other - for short periods of time and then give up. Or they may get on the treadmill at the gym for 15 minutes two times a week and wonder why they can’t lose fat. Body fat reduction or “getting lean,” is the single most requested goal of clients who come to us. Our trainers will work with you to create an effective diet and fat-burning exercise program and will also discuss with you how long you need to sustain this program in order to achieve the results you desire. They will then help you to create and sustain the discipline and motivation to carry it out.

I’ve have been working out on my own for a long time, but have stopped making any progress in muscle gains. Can you help me?

Yes. Most people who have been working out on their own for a long period of time eventually hit a plateau and stop making gains in muscle mass. Genetics often play a role in this. That is, when someone comes close to or reaches their “genetic potential,” muscle gain slows down and sometimes stops altogether. However, even taking genetic factors into account, we find that in most cases the plateau is either due to an inability by someone to push themselves to greater heights in their workouts and/or to find new types of routines that will support them to move beyond the plateau. Without steady increases in muscle “overload” and varying the types of routines, gains will not be made. All of our trainers are very experienced and knowledgeable on this subject and will definitely be able to help you reach new levels of success.

I do hundreds of sit-ups but still have no definition in my abs. How do I get a six-pack?

Developing abdominal definition is only partially accomplished through specific abs workouts involving crunches or flexion of the abdominal muscles. For the most part, “definition” of the abs is accomplished the same way that “definition” of any other body part is accomplished, by losing the fat that obscures the muscle and building the muscle. Losing the fat is done through diet and aerobic exercise, not abdominal crunches (or sit ups). But even if you lose the fat, to create a nicely developed six-pack, the abs muscles need to be developed. This is accomplished by regularly working on your core with a high level of intensity.

Once I start working with a trainer, when will I begin to see results?

This is an impossible question to answer without knowing your present condition and training history. For sure, you will “feel” results immediately in the form of more energy, more clarity, increased sense of well-being, and a stronger connection to your body. As far as “seeing” results, there are many variables including your specific starting point, genetics, and metabolism, as well as your consistency, commitment, and the time you are willing to put into training. You will get results in correlation with what you put into your training and diet. Also, we can set up programs that are aimed to work very quickly, but involve exceedingly stringent dieting and training; it’s up to you. However, we generally like to suggest that if you are starting from a very low level of fitness, you take it slower at the beginning so you can accustom your body gradually to a training program and so you can stay motivated to continue. We want you to be fit and look fabulous for your lifetime.

What separates Sarah from most trainers is that she practices what she teaches. Sarah educates on training and nutrition and really helped me find a balance that works for my lifestyle. Sarah is thoughtful, cheerful, conscientious and most of all dependable. She must be irreplaceable for many clients.

— Katie G.